Women: The Strongest Being

A woman’s life is full of struggles and compromises, and she has to make compromises in every walk of her life.

A woman, just like our mother, or any housewife/home-maker, has no independent existence, identity, or freedom of will; as she always exists for others, doing chores for others.

They sacrifice their lives only for our needs and we forget to “thank” them.

This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate by helping the ladies of our households and bring the smile on their faces with love, care, and respect towards them.

Also, as a woman, never ever think that you are less deserved! Always be proud of yourself, your imperfections, your strengths, as well as your weaknesses.

As a woman, I, too, have sacrificed a lot in my life to bring a smile to others’ faces, to bring happiness for others, and I’m proud of myself!

So ladies, stand up for yourself, be independent, and spread happiness wherever you go because YOU MATTER!!!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies!❤️

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